Friday, April 16, 2010

Radbot 1000

-I'm not tryna get died when riding my bicycle, sooo...
I got a Portland Design Radbot 1000. Came in the mail today! It has a 1 watt rear led, which is the biggest and brightest rear light for bikes to my knowledge. Its worth the price if you want to be seen at night. Makes all my cheapo bike lights from china look worthless. Now I just need a front one

-Also, got my BB curve fixed from a craigslist guy (located in Gilbert). It was quick and a very good price. I'd recommend him to anyone. And lastly!! SINO TAYO is coming up on Saturday! New pics will be up after the event.

sweet packaging

sexy Radbot 1000 (bottom) cheapo light (top)

Friday, April 9, 2010

New Pickups

Manhattan Portage J Bag that I kinda stole from Qyel. 15 bucks!

Nans bought me and Qyel matching bike gear, super tight padded shorts (balls savers) and super bright long-sleeve shirt. We are both wearing it tomorrow for Friday Night Crew haha

Got a Vittoria Randonneur Cross 32c wheel that i jumped on because it had a sweet 3m strip around it. But I got a little too excited and go the wrong tube size :/. Also picked up $10 soma clips off some CL dude. Lastly, best pickup ever, the Kool Stop Bead Jack!!! Makes mounting tires a fun little game, instead of impossible. Seriously.. if you get a bike you need one of these babies, only 16.99 on Ebay. Tried it out by putting on a Bontrager wheel on my old Deep V.

I got bored of my bike again and threw on some stickers Qyel gave me. Check out the pics below.
Hella Flush & Illest from Fatlace, and FLWrider