Saturday, July 3, 2010

Mr. Pursuit

Got the Raleigh Pursuit frame in today from the mail. I was still passed out when the doorbell rang so Qyel got it and threw it on me. Ghetto ass packaging and it was super ducttaped all over. The condition for being so old and so cheap was not bad at all, much better than the pics up on Ebay. Def a lot of scratches but no real dings or dents and the decals look sexy. and the head badge is pretty damn beautiful (check the pics). It came with the headset cups but no bearings or all that other stuff. Luckily I was hella bored last night and was looking through my bike stuff, and I found the og headset from the Azuki bike. I even cleaned it that day and tried to figure out how to put it all together using the internets. So... when I got the bike I installed my first threaded headset!! wooh! shit I am boring. Anyways, here it is :)

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