Thursday, December 9, 2010

New old bikes

First is a sweet 03' Giant OCR1 that i got for $175, full shimano 105 triple components. Qyel rode it for a 30 mile ride and liked it. Really good condition for its age, all i did was swap the threaded stem for a threadless one. Not much work needed

Second is a tiny 48cm 1990 Cannondale 3.0 SR300. 60 buckos (check out the weirdly low top tube near the stem). I need to replace all the cables/housing as they are rusty as fack and change out the dry rotted tires. Maybe the rusty chain and freewheel too haha.. (not the og saddle, i swapped out the large gel one) This one will be my winter project.

Third is a beat down Bianchi Alfana i got for cheap. It's a SS conversion and has a flip flop rear wheel. Its huuuge but I bought this mainly to sell to a friend that may want a commuter. Not too bad condition except the nasty rusted chain. I do wish it had the components on it still thought :(

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