Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Kestrel & Trek*2

Finally some non-cannondale bikes! Copped em both on Saturday. (i realized the best deals goup thu/fri night btw) Full photshoot and specs up tomorrow.

First one up is a 1988 Trek 2300, not the nicest looking but it has full Shimano 600. It's going to be my dad's new bike (I'm selling his old one)

Next was my Find of the Year #2: is 2000 Kestrel KM40 Airfoil (or Ironman 500)
Got the bike w/ the SPINERGY's for $350.. WHAT!? good ass deal, too bad it kinda doesn't fit me. FULL DURA ACE components too.

One more! for lauren but I might re-sell it (i'm poor). 1988 Trek 1200 with Shimano 600

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